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World-class ear, hearing and Cochlear implant surgeon

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World-class ear, hearing and Cochlear implant Surgeon

Ear Science new patient-focused ear & hearing surgical facility

Ear Science Institute Australia (Ear Science) proudly presents its latest achievement – the opening of a state-of-the-art, patient-focused ear and hearing surgical facility in Subiaco, Perth.  This innovative facility is located on the ground floor of Ear Science’s corporate headquarters, which is co-located with the prestigious Subiaco Private Hospital at the George Jones Family Centre. We work with ear surgeons who work independently to provide patients with greater access to ear and hearing surgery to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.

This cutting-edge surgical facility will provide patients with direct access to highly specialised ear and hearing surgeons enabling timely diagnosis and treatments. With a commitment to placing the patient at the centre of its ear and hearing care, Ear Science is proud to offer this dedicated surgical facility, which has been designed to attract the very best specialists in the field to Perth and allow them to continue to work independently.

Professor Marcus Atlas, a renowned ear and hearing implant surgeon, is the first surgeon to consult at the surgical facility.  For cochlear implantation, alongside Professor Atlas, all specialist ear surgeons will be fellowship- trained and members of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Our independent ear surgeons work with, not for, Ear Science Institute Australia. They practice medicine with complete clinical sovereignty.

Ear Science’s new surgical facility is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies and provides a comprehensive range of diagnosis and treatment options for ear and hearing conditions.  The multidisciplinary team of ear and hearing surgeons and specialists has been assembled to ensure that patients receive better access to the most efficient and effective treatment possible – personalising their care.

Ear Science Institute Australia is committed to enhancing the lives of those living with ear and hearing disorders.  Its comprehensive, and research-led ear and hearing services are backed by 18 Lions Hearing Clinics located across Western Australia.  The qualified clinical and independent surgical team will guide clients through their entire hearing journey, from assessment and diagnosis, treatment and management, hearing aids and implants, to surgery and ongoing care.

With the opening of this dedicated ear and hearing surgical facility, Ear Science Institute Australia continues to set the standard for excellence and access in ear and hearing care in Western Australia and beyond.