What’s Involved in a Hearing Test?

Did you know there are different types of hearing tests? Depending on which practice you visit, you could receive a free basic hearing screening or a comprehensive (full) hearing test. The surgeons in our team always request comprehensive hearing tests to get a full picture of your hearing.

Before your hearing test, our experienced audiologist will discuss your hearing history. Then you will enter a specially made sound-proof booth to listen out for varying pitches, volumes and words. When you’ve left the booth, our audiologist will check the air pressure in your ears to check the eardrum and middle ear function.

Once complete, our audiologist will discuss your hearing results, suggest a treatment pathway and write a full report for your GP. If further investigation is required, recommendations will be included in your report, but in many cases, are managed by our audiologist.

How Much Does a Hearing Test Cost?

The hearing test is bulk billed if you have a doctor’s referral, or $80 without a doctor’s referral. Please note if there is no referral, you will not be able to claim the Medicare rebate.

How Do I Book a Hearing Test?

For patients

Please call +61 8 6166 3768 or email [email protected] to book in your hearing test. If you have been referred by your GP, bring your referral with you if it has not been sent directly to us. We cannot bulk bill without a valid, up-to-date referral.

For GPs

Please send your patient’s referral letter via Healthlink (surgesia), email [email protected] or fax to +61 8 6380 4999. Alternatively, your patient can bring their referral with them to their appointment.

We will send their report to you, preferably via Healthlink – though we can fax it if required.

Not Sure If You Need a Hearing Test?

hearWHO is a free app developed by the World Health Organization for mobile devices which allows people to check their hearing regularly. This app is targeted at those who are at risk of hearing loss or who already experience some of the symptoms related to hearing loss.


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