Whether you’re looking to book an appointment, for details on insurance and fees, or you just aren’t sure what to bring to your consultation, our friendly team can help. We’ve prepared everything you need for your patient journey.

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Appointment Information

If we have not already received the following information, please bring with you any referrals, tests, scans and more. Read our full checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Consultation Fees and Payment

Ear Science Surgery will provide details of the consultation fee up-front with your appointment letter. Please note there will be an out-of-pocket cost for the consultation, and health funds do not provide benefits for specialist consultation fees.

Admission Information

Once you have chosen to undergo surgery (and been booked in), Ear Science Surgery will arrange your admission. You will receive a confirmation email followed by an admission information pack at least two to four weeks before your admission date.

Insurance and Fees

As a service to our patients, we provide informed financial consent (an estimate) of our surgeon’s fee that will be required to pay for in-hospital or day surgery elective procedures.

Pre-operative Information

Patients may need to adjust their medication before surgery. Some medications can affect the anaesthesia, and elective ear microsurgery with anticoagulation and anti-platelet therapy is not recommended.


Do you have questions about your appointment or your admission for surgery? Check out our FAQ page for some of the most common questions Ear Science Surgery and Professor Marcus Atlas are asked.