Online Registration Form

In order to make an appointment and claim Medicare benefits, you will need a referral from a medical practitioner. Your referring doctor can send the referral to us by email, post or fax.

To build a comprehensive medical profile for review by the doctor prior to your appointment, we require you to complete the below questionnaire. We also require a copy of your referral and any relevant reports including hearing tests, audiology reports and radiology scans. These can be uploaded at the end of the questionnaire (if you have not already sent these to our office). Alternatively you can email these to [email protected]. We will not be able to allocate an appointment without receiving your referral and documents.

New patient referrals are triaged by Professor Atlas to ensure that all required assessments are organised before your consultation. You will be contacted by our staff, or an appointment letter will be emailed or posted to you. If you are unable to complete the online questionnaire, we will post this to you with your appointment letter.